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Hi, welcome! 

My name is Jay (she/they), and I am an audio producer and writer working on shaping people-centered stories across genres. I currently work as a Creative Audio Producer with the terrific team at Goat Rodeo in Washington, DC. 

I most recently lead produced Spy Valley: An Engineer's Nuclear Betrayal, working alongside journalist Zach Dorfman to tell the story of an unrepentant spy whose espionage during the Cold War could still help Moscow in a nuclear exchange today. The podcast was announced a Tribeca Audio Official Selection of 2023.

Prior to working with Goat Rodeo, I was a freelance audio producer for a variety of podcasts including the United Nations' climate action show, No Denying It, and Accenture's Built for ChangeI was also an independent copyeditor on historian and bestselling author Nicholas Reynolds' book, Need to Know: World War II and the Rise of American Intelligence, the definitive history of the creation of modern American intelligence.

I came to the audio industry by way of nonfiction book publishing, having previously developed and edited book proposals as a literary assistant and foreign rights agent at Ross Yoon Agency. There, I was able to work with some amazing authors, whose book proposals would go on to become amazing books.

I'm grateful to have a career that allows me to create art and—if my efforts are successful—help connect people. If you're interested in becoming an audio producer but don't know where to start, feel free to sing out.


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